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Samantha YOUNG (USA)

Samantha YOUNG (USA)

Prodigies (PlayTime – Preschool – Primary)

Sam creates most of the workbook content for the PSP Playground and these days, plays point woman on customer success, e-mails, and the like. Before PsP, Sam taught high school English for six years, where she took the lead on many curriculum development projects and school-wide initiatives. Now she brings that insight to the preschool level to create fun and challenging materials for young musicians.

Sam’s bachelor’s degree in English Education and Master’s degree in Educational Technology help her lay the framework for the Playground Workbooks and Songbooks.

When she’s not situating bells in color-by-number scenarios, she enjoys singing and strumming her guitalele, practicing yoga, reading fantasy & science fiction, playing ultra-nerdy board games, and adventuring around the world with her husband, (Mr.) Rob!