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Prodigies (PlayTime – Preschool – Primary)

Rob is host and creator of Preschool Prodigies. His day-to-day is spent making most the videos, music, animations, artwork, blog posts and web content for PsP.

Rob is a drummer at heart, a life-long learner, an avid consumer of fiction, and at his core, a really big nerd. He studied Music Technology at NYU and after graduating, moved to Delaware to teach preschool by day and play music by night.

He’s been an assistant teacher and a lead teacher in Pre-K, Kindergarten and School-Age settings. He’s taught music at S Music Studio, Gymobree, MusIQ Club, the Boys and Girls Clubs, Little Elk Creek Music Studio and at his home studio, Young Music Studio.

He’s run his own brand of music classes at St. Michaels, at Brandywine Valley Christian Preschool, and at the Early Learning Center, and Rob is one-half of the popular duo Nature Jams, which performs educational concerts about wellness.

These days, Rob lives with his wife Sam (as seen below) on Maui, and they spend most of their time developing PsP or taking enjoying the aloha spirit.